Aesthetic improvements to Sylvia Beach Hotel continue

NEWPORT –– Construction continues on the the Sylvia Beach Hotel.

The repairs and restoration projects at the historic hotel include siding repair, belly band work, roof repairs, eight window replacements and installation of a kitchen man door.

“The nature of the work is consistent with the approach to previous generations, trying to match as best they can the work of the previous architecture,” said Newport Community Development Director Derrick Tokos. “The work is such that it will not compromise the historic character of the structure.”

Over the last few months, hotel management and workers with Luckini Construction replaced shingles on the exterior walls, put in new glass panes in the west-facing windows and replaced the east-facing deck. That work is expected to be completed soon, according to Justin Luckini, owner of his namesake construction company, although projects in the beginning stages will take a while to complete.

“This is the fourth or fifth year we’ve worked with Sylvia Beach Hotel,” said Luckini during a Newport Planning Commission meeting Monday night. “We’re keeping with the original craftsmanship and making the windows match.”

The next phase of construction, Luckini said, won’t be done quickly--the work required will have to be spread out over a longer period of time, since some projects need permits to move forward.

“We wanted to get with you guys before the end of the year and give you a list of things that might be coming up in the next year or two,” Luckini told the planning commission. “We’re going to stick with the same general look of the hotel.”

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