Advanced Sewer Specialists brings experience, efficiency to Lincoln County

Advanced Sewer Specialists, LLC, is now up and running, offering all of Lincoln County help with all their drainage needs, from sewer lines and septic maintenance to kitchen sinks — both residential and commercial. Owner Jay Rocha brings over 20 years of experience, 18 of which spent as the head of his own business in Montana before moving to Lincoln City last year. Now, he’s applying those two decades of experience to helping residents and businesses around Lincoln County.

Though sand is a new factor in his business, he’s already adjusting to the needs of the coast in his approach to the drainage business.

“They have different issues here, and they all need to get addressed,” Rocha said.

A need for those services motivated Rocha to start up his business after moving here. He said the pandemic didn’t throw off his plans to get his business going, because of what he’s seen and heard already in the last six months of living here full time.

“When I’ve talked to neighbors or just people around the Lincoln City area, and (told) them what I did and what I want to do here, they say ‘oh my gosh, you’ll be busy once you get the word out,’” Rocha said.

Rocha explained that he scoped out the competition and thought their prices were fair, but the wait time — which he said was around three or four days — was too long for his tastes.

“To me, anybody whose house is all backed up and they can’t run water down their drains without making a mess — there is no three to four day wait,” he said. “They need it done ASAP.”

Rocha said a fair price and quick service are his priorities in serving customers. He’s also willing to travel around the county, though farther locations may have an additional service charge, but he has completed jobs south of Waldport and out in Toledo already. He explained that part of his flexibility comes from being a small and new business.

“Right now it’s just me,” Rocha said. “And my other half, she helps me out.”

To reach Rocha for a quote or service, call 541-921-3285 or email [email protected]


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