Adam Rex Krabbe, 93

January 10, 1925 - 2018

Adam Rex Krabbe was the first boy born to homesteaders in Egnar Country, Southwest Colorado on January 10, 1925. He graduated from Fruitvale High School in 1942 as a valedictorian and received a full scholarship to the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 1942, Rex was accepted into the Naval Officer Training Program and in 1945 he was commissioned as Ensign in the United States Navy Reserves. In 1946, Rex met Natalie Ilyin in Boulder, Colorado and in 1947 they were married. Natalie was the daughter of Gleb and Natasha Iliyn, Russian immigrants who left Russia during the 1917 Russian Revolution. Rex graduated CU Boulder in 1950 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. From 1948-1953 Rex and Natalie had three children, Paul, Virginia and Peter. Rex received a Master’s of Education in Teaching and Administration in 1957 from CU Boulder. Around 1964 Rex, Natalie and their family moved to San Francisco and in 1965 he received a Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Chemistry from Stanford University. During these years Rex taught, drove a school bus and became principal at Dove Creek Elementary School. Natalie and Rex built their dream house in Egnar, Colorado, he received an electrical wireman’s credential and installed a transmission line to their home to have electrical power. He taught at a one-room school house called Peel School and was a science, chemistry and math teacher at Dolores County High School. In 1967 Rex and Natalie both applied and accepted positions with the Lincoln County School District (LCSD), on the Oregon Coast. Natalie was a 7th grade teacher and librarian in Eddyville and then became the librarian at Toledo High School. Rex became a science, chemistry and physics teacher at Toledo High School as well. From 1969-1972, Rex and Natalie designed and built their home on the Yaquina Bay Road and began a landscaping effort that they would cultivate for the rest of their lives. In 1970, Rex was elected to be president of the Lincoln County Education Association and in 1975 he became principal of Mary Harrison and Arcadia Schools and was responsible for Title I Programs and District Achievement Testing Programs. Also, in 1975 he joined the Toledo Rotary Club, where he would be an active member and supporter until his passing. In 1988, Rex applied for and was appointed by the superintendent and the LCSD Board as Director Elementary and Middle School Education. In the spring of 1987, he retired after 20 years with Lincoln County School District and 17 years working in education in Colorado. During his retirement, and in 1987, Rex ran for Zone 4 Board Member for the Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) Service District and won the position. He served as President of the Oregon Community College Association and became secretary/treasurer of the Lincoln County Foundation in 1989. He served 28 years on the OCCC Board and was involved in the planning of the new OCCC facility, including all three sites and remained involved in the construction of the North County campus building, the Central campus buildings and the Aquarium Science building. In 1980, Rex became a member of the Board of Directors for the Lincoln County Foundation (LCF), a non-profit corporation established to assist, encourage and promote the welfare and well-being of the youth of Lincoln County. In 1990-2010 he served as the Secretary/Treasurer of the LCF and with the help of other committed members, grew the assets of the Foundation to better serve youth in Lincoln County. He remained on the Board of the Foundation and served as Vice-President and served as Treasurer Monitor until 2016. Natalie Krabbe passed away in 2014, after almost 67 years of marriage to Rex. Rex and Natalie are survived by; their children and their spouses (and ex-spouses), their six grandchildren and their spouses, and their two great grandchildren. Paul and Jana Krabbe, their daughters Signe Krabbe and Delpha Krabbe. Virginia Tardaewether and Larry Tardaewether and their two daughters, Melibe Thomas and her husband, Forrest Kutyna, and Kellen Tardaewether. Peter Krabbe and Pamela Rice and their children, Hannah Krabbe and Alex Krabbe and his wife, Laura Krabbe. Finally, Rex and Natalie are survived by their two great-grandchildren Natasha and Ascher Kutyna. Rex and Natalie both spent their lives committed to education and improving opportunities for youth, social justice, equity, civil rights, and progressive and humanist ideals. The family will hold a memorial for Rex, as they did with Natalie, at the family home during the annual Russian Easter Celebration of Spring in April, 2019. Please see Rex’s wishes below if you would like to contribute to his memory. The following are Rex’s words, only amended for accurate dates and contact or privacy information. When I decide to quit this life, friends and family may contribute in my memory to the Toledo Rotary Club Scholarship Fund, via the Lincoln County Foundation, 1121 S, Spruce Way, Newport, OR 97365 (checks only, ). My children and grandchildren may do what they wish with part of my ashes but the remainder along with the remainder of Natalie’s ashes shall be placed in the family lot of the Mt. Eugene Cemetery at Egnar Colorado. A stone manufactured by family in Colorado engraved as the sample below shall accompany our ashes. Adam Rex Krabbe — 1925-2018 First boy born to homesteaders in the Egnar Country Natalie Ilyin Krabbe — 1927-2014 First generation Russian Emigree


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