Acompañar needs your help

Since the onset of COVID-19, our immigrant population has been struggling financially, along with others in Lincoln County. But they do not have access to government resources because of their resident status. This is particularly true of our Guatemalan asylum seekers. 

Acompañar has been trying to help with bi-weekly distributions of some cash and ethnic specific food with help from Food Share of Lincoln County. By this fall, most of our families were back at work and telling us they were doing better financially. It was our plan to convert our efforts to an emergency fund at the end of December and only serve individual families who experienced loss of income or emergency needs.

But now, with the second wave of the virus, they find themselves unemployed again (some for the third time) with no financial resources to pay for food, utilities, etc. The problem is that Acompañar only has enough funds available to help through the first week in January. We would hope to provide some kind of assistance through January and into February, since the forecast appears to show it will take a few more months before we see restaurants and motels rehiring at anything near normal times. This is where our immigrants are mainly employed. They make a significant contribution to maintaining the tourism and fishing industries here in Lincoln County.

Acompañar exists with an all-volunteer effort by community members who support the importance of our local immigrants. There is no overhead, and all donations go directly to those in need. 

Donations are tax deductible. Checks may be made to: Acompañar /YCPC (Yachats Community Presbyterian, Church), ‪PO Box 755, ‪Waldport, OR 97394.              

Thank you, and we hope you will consider donating during these times of great need.

Dorothy Stern-Kucha, Acompañar volunteer 

Depoe Bay


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