Accused animal abuser in jail

NEWPORT — A dog is safe in a new home and a transient man faces charges for scalding the animal.

Gary Alan Lane Gobin, 38, was lodged in the Lincoln County Jail April 9 on a charge of animal abuse in the second degree after he was accused of pouring hot coffee on his one-year-old pit bull mix, Atlas.

While it’s unclear how long Gobin had Atlas before the incident, at least one witness saw Gobin holding a cup of hot coffee on Jan. 14 while walking Atlas on a leash. Atlas, the Lincoln County Animal Shelter director said, was pulling on his leash while they were walking, causing Gobin to spill the hot coffee on himself.

Gobin is accused of then proceeding to pour the rest of his coffee on Atlas, who was already suffering from mange and had open wounds on his skin, said Laura Braxling, the Lincoln County Animal Shelter director.  

“Pouring hot coffee on Atlas added to the trauma,” Braxling said.

After authorities confiscated Atlas from Gobin the same day as the incident, the dog was taken to the animal shelter, where he was treated for his injuries.

“Initially, it was pain management,” Braxling said. “We gave him antibiotics and pain medication, then it was just a lot of medicated baths and we’d put burn ointment on regularly.”

Although Atlas was taken in on the same day Gobin was accused of pouring coffee on him, a forfeiture hearing to ensure Atlas didn’t go back to Gobin was held Feb. 13, during which Gobin agreed to relinquish Atlas. The animal shelter staff continued to take extra steps to make sure the dog stayed safe.

“In some cases, it’s better to transfer them out of the county,” Braxling said. “We wanted to make sure he didn’t go back.”

To that end, Braxling and the shelter staff transferred Atlas to the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, where Atlas found a loving family to adopt him. He’s now safe with his new family, Braxling said.

Gobin is also held responsible for paying costs the animal shelter incurred while treating Atlas’ wounds, according to a Grove Veterinary Clinic billing statement to the animal shelter.

The treatments and tests Atlas underwent at the clinic included a fecal test and internal parasite screening, rabies, an examination, therapeutic laser treatment, a cytopoint injection and microchip placement.

Additional treatment provided by the Lincoln City Animal Clinic, including anesthesia, an after-hours exam and after-hours emergency treatment totaled $309.00, and a crime victim restitution statement lists other veterinary costs at $651.50, with Grove Veterinary Clinic set to receive $342.50 of that payment.

Other costs associated with Atlas’s care include $300 for boarding the pooch for 30 days. A restitution memo dated March 21 states the total amount Gobin is required to pay is $951.50.

Gobin has been held in the Lincoln County Jail on $40,000 bail. He was ordered to appear in court for an April 15


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