A permanent homeless center is critical

How could it be that in our town a homeless man died in the Fred Meyer parking lot?

Did he give his life to get our attention? Let’s stop admiring the problem, get off our task forces, massage our local finances and build a homeless center for men, women and children.

Our town does not need another convention center. We need a permanent center where homeless people can receive help. They will move on with renewed hope and health to improve our world community. They will not be found dead on our doorsteps. They will not leave feces, contaminants and infectious diseases for all of us to share.

How many children, women, men, veterans, pets will be sacrificed? Will you or one of your friends or family be the next martyr found dead in our town?

Grace Wins Haven has shown us the way. It’s time to offer our homeless people a permanent facility; centrally located within walking distance of schools, agencies, shops and transportation.

Karen C. Manternach



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