A non-traditional Salmon Bake

In an effort to keep the tradition of the annual Depoe Bay Salmon Bake alive and to continue raising funds for the Depoe Bay Community Fund, the Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce will be hosting and promoting a new twist of this event. Last year, there were more than 1,200 in attendance, and nearly $13,000 was raised to support the community fund and chamber operations.

This September would have been Depoe Bay’s 64th annual traditional Native American Salmon Bake. Instead of the typical group gathering, the chamber is going to feature the following activities, beginning Sept. 19:

• Local restaurants will offer salmon specials (varying between Sept. 19-25). So far, participating restaurants include Bayview Thai Kitchen, Gracie’s Sea Hag, The Horn, Mazatlan, Mo’s West in Otter Rock, SCP Hotel/Kitchen, Sea Bites, Tidal Raves and Whale Bites, with more to come. Many have generously offered to donate a portion of their sales. Other restaurants, food carts and caterers wanting to take part should contact the chamber by Sept. 10. Details about participating restaurants will be available on the chamber website by Sept 15.

• Storefronts will decorate and feature salmon and/or Native American-related products.

• Via its website and social media channels, the chamber will post event-related contests, photos, trivia, recipes, etc.

• On Sept. 19, the chamber will hold an online raffle for more than 40 local prizes.

• The chamber will be selling a variety of Native American and/or salmon-related products at a location to be determined.

For more information, call the Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce at 541-765-2889 or go online at discoverdepoebay.org.