A gathering of authors

These books represent some of the work of the 19 authors who are scheduled to be part of the Newport Public Library’s Author Fair from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 12. (Photo by Shelby Wolfe)

Newport Library to host fair on Saturday

This Saturday, Jan. 12, the Newport Public Library won’t just be host to the books of Lincoln County authors, the authors themselves will be present.

The library’s second annual Author Fair, beginning at 1 p.m., will give readers a chance to mingle with the makers of these stories, purchase physical copies directly and even have their copies signed.

The first fair took place in December of 2017, but Supervising Librarian Sheryl Eldridge explained, “It seemed like there were a lot of different competing events for authors at that time, so we moved it to January.”

As to whether the fair will become an annual occurrence, Eldridge commented that, “It could be. Actually, I’m retiring this year, so it depends on who takes over. But it seemed to be really popular, most of the authors were pretty happy with how it went.”

The 19 published writers slated to attend this year’s event are: Alexandra Mason, Barbara Herkert, Carol Van Strum, Catherine Rickbone, Claire Hall, Chris Ransick, Cidney Harrington, Dorothy Black Crow, Doug Stone, KT Myers, Jim Kennison, Leah Shrifter, Lori Tobias, Patsy Brookshire, Richard Kennedy, Sue Lick, Ron Lovell, Ruth Miller and Virginia Gibbs.

The genres of their works range from memoirs and nonfiction, to poetry and mysteries, to novels and children’s books. In addition, there will be refreshments provided: cookies and cocoa.

Last year, Eldridge said, “A lot of it was just networking: people like to come and talk to the authors, and the authors like to talk with each other.”

This event is designed to give the most exposure for both readers and authors in one place. With the number of authors in the community, it could be difficult to consistently draw audiences for a large number of individual events.

“But having so many [authors] in one place, then more people get exposed to what they write,” said Eldridge.

Another interesting aspect of the event: all but one of the authors currently live in Lincoln County — the one exception is a previous resident of the area. This means that attendees will see members of their community sharing their literary works, including the Coastal Council for the Arts director and a county commissioner.

The event is open for those interested to stop in, Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the McEntee Meeting Room of the Newport Public Library.